The test drive is one of the best methods of getting to know a vehicle. Sure, you can spend hours researching the new MINI models on our website or looking at them on our showroom floor, but the real test occurs when you get behind the wheel. However, it is not advisable to go in without a plan, as the best way to really gauge whether or not a MINI car is right for you is to follow these tips laid out by our experienced team of MINI dealers near Nashua, NH.

Map Out a Route: Before you even take your test drive, it is recommended that you map out your route. Fortunately, here in the Nashua, NH area, we have a wide variety of types of road. Make sure that your route includes a straight freeway, a road with a lot of curves, a large and empty parking lot, and a rough road.

Bring Your Family: If you’re going to purchase a new MINI car for the entire family, it is important to ensure that everybody will be comfortable in the cabin. If you have children, have them test out the back seat to make sure that there is enough legroom.

Safety and Infotainment Systems: With all the recent advances in MINI technology, safety and infotainment have come a long way. If you’re having trouble using the new systems, have  a dealer demo them for you before your test drive.

Test Acceleration, Handling, and Braking: When you’re on the test drive, take the car to a freeway on-ramp to test the acceleration, and test the handling and braking to make sure that you’re comfortable with the way that the vehicle drives.

To take a hot new MINI car for a test drive, head on over to MINI of Bedford today.