While things like style, technology, and fuel-efficiency tend to be the things that people rave about when talking about new MINI cars, safety is an underrated component. After all, without proper safety protections, all the new tech features and flashy style become irrelevant. Luckily, 2019 MINI cars come packed to the brim with high-tech and easy-to-use safety features. Here are three of our favorites at MINI of Bedford.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Found in a variety of new MINI cars such as the 2019 MINI Cooper Convertible, Adaptive Cruise Control features precise engine and braking control. It helps your MINI vehicle maintain a consistent speed, adjusting to account for all the curves and hills in the Bedford, NH area. It even uses video to monitor and automatically adjust speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Of course, you can use the steering wheel to revert back to manual vehicle control.

Cornering Brake Control: This high-tech safety feature helps improve the vehicle’s stability when the driver brakes while cornering at high speeds or changing lanes. It achieves this by optimizing the braking effects being applied to each wheel and evening out the braking pressure from side-to-side.

Dynamic Stability Control: The advanced Dynamic Stability Control system uses sensors to monitor the steering angle, yaw, and lateral acceleration to determine the direction you want to go. If your MINI vehicle begins to sway, the Dynamic Stability Control system kicks in by applying corrective brake pressure to individual wheels and adjusting engine torque.

Here at MINI of Bedford, we’re thrilled to carry a wide selection of vehicles that are packed with these advanced safety technologies. We invite you to our dealership for a test drive today.