When it comes time to upgrade or replace parts on your MINI vehicle, drivers face a choice: upgrade with cheap aftermarket parts, or use authentic OEM MINI parts? While you may be tempted by the cheap price of aftermarket parts, the truth is that those parts are prone to failure, they may not properly fit in your MINI car, and they could even void the warranty. Here at our MINI parts center, our professional mechanics stress the importance of choosing authentic OEM MINI parts.

So what exactly are OEM parts? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and it’s a common designation for parts that might be used during your vehicle’s repair. An OEM part doesn’t necessarily need to be made by MINI, but the engineers who designed your new MINI car selected the OEM part for your car. They had that part in mind during the vehicle’s construction, and it is the part that should be used throughout the car’s lifetime.

In contrast, aftermarket parts are cranked out by a factory, often intended to fit multiple different types of vehicle. While they are cheaper than OEM parts, they may not fit right, the quality varies, and they could void the warranty of your vehicle. Choosing OEM parts from our MINI parts center ensures that they will fit correctly inside your vehicle and will be efficient and long-lasting. If you want to get the performance that you expect out of your MINI vehicle, the best way to guarantee that is by using OEM MINI parts.

When you’re in need of authentic OEM MINI parts, contact our MINI parts experts at MINI of Bedford.