Here in the Nashua, NH area, we’ve experienced some major snowstorms in the past week or so. While the safest course of action in these conditions is to stay off the road entirely, that is simply not an option for most drivers. With roads covered in snow, ice, and slush, driving your MINI car equipped with all-season tires can cause slippage and loss of control. One way to dramatically improve your winter driving experience is to get snow tires installed at our MINI service center.

All-season tires are fine for the times of the year when the climate is temperate, but that is not the case for much of the year in New Hampshire. According to tire expert John Rastetter, brand new all-season tires have performance roughly equivalent to half-worn snow tires in the winter. Winter tires have the advantage in inclement conditions because they have superior tread patterns that are designed for traction on ice and snow. Also, snow tires employ softer rubber compounds that enhance grip.

Now, you may be thinking, “I drive a 2020 MINI Cooper Countryman equipped with all-wheel-drive. Why do I need snow tires?” While all-wheel-drive can certainly help you accelerate on slippery surfaces, it does not do anything to help with cornering or braking. On the other hand, stopping power and cornering proficiency on slick roads is due almost entirely to winter tires. One final advantage of winter tires is that they can help prolong the life of your normal tires, because they will not be subject to hefty wear and tear during the winter.

To get snow tires installed on your MINI vehicle, head over to MINI of Bedford today.