If you already are a proud owner of a MINI Cooper vehicle, now is a great time to think about performance MINI Cooper parts.  Here at your Boston MINI dealership, our expert parts specialists are here to make your car perform at its best. From a cold air intake to high-quality performance tires, we have everything you want to enhance your MINI Cooper.

As far as performance tires go, there are many reasons why they improve your MINI Cooper. One is that the low profile, stiff sidewalls, and softer rubber compounds improve traction along with cornering performance. On top of that, the shallower water channels provide more tread surface area and are resistant to heat buildup, especially in hot climate conditions. These tires are engineered, tested, and precision-calibrated to enhance your MINI’s legendary handling. The best way to find out more about performance tires for your particular model is to speak to our MINI parts tire specialist by calling 844-350-6505.

Another enhancement is having one of our service technicians install a cold air intake kit to replace your current factory air intake. This forces denser and cool air into the internal combustion engine at a higher velocity. It can lead to higher performance with increased horsepower and improved gas mileage. Acceleration also improves because the larger amount of cold air delivered to the engine increases the car’s responsiveness, resulting in a faster speed.

If you have any questions on these are any other performance enhancements that you may want to add to your MINI Cooper, please call so we can assist you. Thank you for choosing our dealership to upgrade your vehicle!