As winter slowly disappears from Bedford, NH and drivers can finally look forward to spring, the time will inevitably come to take a MINI Cooper in for springtime MINI service. While many people put a lot of stock in winterizing a vehicle, getting it ready for springtime is just as important, and the following checklist offers a look at which maintenance items a driver should address as the weather starts to warm:

Top 5 Spring Maintenance Items MINI Vehicles Need

  1. Replace Winter Tires – If you are someone who switches over to winter tires, make sure you switch back to your three-season tires come spring.
  2. Check Tire Pressure – If you are someone who uses all-season tires for your MINI Cooper, check your tire pressure, as cold weather can sap the air from your wheels.
  3. Have Your Battery Tested – Extreme cold can impact a car battery’s effectiveness, so it’s smart to have it tested after the winter to be sure your vehicle doesn’t break down somewhere unexpectedly with a dead battery.
  4. Install New Windshield Wipers – The winter can be brutal on your windshield wipers, which are made of rubber and prone to damage from ice and cold. Thankfully, they are affordable and quick to replace.
  5. Top Off Fluids – Finally, you likely used a lot of wiper fluid over the winter to keep your windshield clear of road salt and dirty slush. Get that topped off, as well as any other fluids that may need a refill.

Having Spring Service Done at MINI of Bedford

All of these items can be completed at your friendly neighborhood MINI dealership serving Bedford, and our skilled MINI service technicians can do great, efficient work in prepping your car for spring!