Drivers in the Bedford, NH likely already know the importance of getting their car serviced before the long and brutal New Hampshire winter. But did you know that the heat and humidity of summer can pose maintenance challenges that are just as dire as those posed by winter? Here at the MINI of Bedford MINI service center, our team of mechanics is standing by to get your MINI vehicle back into top condition for your summer road trip. Here are a few of the things that we’ll take a look at.

Coolant Check: Coolant is the fluid that keeps your car from overheating. Your car’s cooling system should be flushed periodically, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Between flushes, our mechanics will check to make sure that the coolant is filled to the proper level. Rubber cooling system components are susceptible to heat-related deterioration, so it is especially important to check it out during summer.

Battery Check: Summer heat can have a more negative effect on your car’s battery than the cold of winter. During your maintenance checkup, our mechanics will check the charge on the battery of your new MINI car in order to ensure that you aren’t stuck in your hot garage with a dead battery.

Air Conditioner Check: During the extreme summer heat, an air conditioner can do more than just provide a comfortable driving environment. It also reduces driver fatigue, which is a hugely important safety consideration. Our mechanics will ensure that your car’s A/C is operating at maximum efficiency and will flush the refrigerant if necessary.

Schedule a service appointment with our MINI service center today to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape for the summer. We hope to see you soon!