While the weather doesn’t feel like spring…it’s here! It’s starting to be that time of year when we dust off the cobwebs of winter, get rid of the old and bring in the new. But spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to our homes. It should apply to our vehicles as well. That’s why now is the perfect time to bring in your MINI vehicle to MINI of Bedford for a service appointment.

Your vehicle works extra hard during these New Hampshire winter months, so taking care of it with some routine maintenance is a great way to ensure that it lasts longer and is ready for the spring and summer. Regular maintenance like an oil change and tire rotation are two of the most important measures you can take to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

A tire rotation can be vital if your front or rear tires have been working extra hard to compensate for snowy and icy roads. Rotating them will not only help to make them last longer, but it will also ensure that all four tires get equal wear.

Likewise, the quality of the oil in your MINI car affects your engine’s performance and keeps it from becoming damaged. Now, as we enter spring, is a great time to schedule a service appointment and come in for an oil change so that you can start the new season fresh.

Your vehicle has worked hard over the last several months, and there’s no better time to bring it in for service than now. So why not reward your beloved MINI car and yourself by taking care of it this spring. Visit us at 209 South River Road today for expert service today!