The start of a new season is a great time to bring your car into MINI of Bedford for maintenance. Our MINI service center is ready to help your car get into top shape for fall, and here are some of the things our mechanics will prioritize when you come in for a visit.

Types of Maintenance You Might Need

Our skilled mechanics can take a look at every part of your MINI car, including:

Headlights: The days are getting shorter, so we’ll ensure that your headlights are in proper working order. They’ll deliver maximum visibility and help you stay safer when the sun goes down.

HVAC system: Your HVAC system will keep you warm during the coming colder months, but it’s also responsible for running your defrosters. Ensuring that this system is working properly is a necessity because otherwise you could be stuck in a situation where you cannot see well out of your windshield.

Oil: The start of a new season is a good time to see if you need fresh oil. Old oil can’t lubricate the engine as well, and going without an oil change for too long can cause expensive damage.

Battery: The battery helps your car startup. Extreme temperatures can have adverse effects on it though, so making sure that it’s in good shape after the hot summer and that it is prepared for a cold winter is a necessity.

Brakes: We can examine every component in your car’s braking system, from the brake lines to the brake pads, to make sure that your brakes will respond when you need them to, especially during wintry weather.

Schedule Your MINI Service Appointment

If you’re in need of fall maintenance and new MINI parts, visit our service center in Bedford, OH. Our skilled mechanics are ready to get your vehicle prepped for a new season.