Self-driving cars are no longer a distant future dream. Though you’ll be hard-pressed to find any commercially-available MINI cars that are completely self-driving, the engineers at MINI are at the cutting-edge of including autonomous features on existing MINI vehicles. Here at MINI of Bedford, our team of dealers is happy to show visitors to our dealership how these advanced autonomous technologies work. Here are some of our favorite features in the MINI Active Driving Assist suite.

Dynamic Stability Control: This is a system that can make anybody a better driver by applying selective brake pressure or engine power to help your MINI vehicle stay in control. It uses sensors to measure the steering angle, yaw, and lateral acceleration to determine the direction that you want to go.

Head-Up Display: The Head-Up Display system in MINI cars like the 2019 MINI Cooper was inspired by jet cockpit technology. The retractable display puts essential monitoring information, like speed and navigation instructions on the windshield, closer to your line of sight.

Cornering Brake Control: If a driver of a MINI car equipped with this feature hits the brakes while cornering at speed or changing lanes, the Cornering Brake Control will help improve the car’s stability. It will optimize the braking effects being applied to each wheel and evening out the braking pressure from side to side.

Adaptive Cruise Control: The MINI Adaptive Cruise Control helps your vehicle maintain a consistent speed, adjusting the speed to account for curves and hills. This feature uses video to monitor and automatically adjust speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

To test out these self-driving features for yourself, head over to MINI of Bedford for a test drive.