Here at MINI of Bedford, we constantly stress the important of seasonal MINI service. Put simply, Bedford, NH is a drastically different place to drive in the winter than it is in the summer, and your vehicle should be serviced properly to accommodate for the changes in driving conditions.

What does season driving service include? It’s simpler than you think, especially with the help of your MINI service department.

Seasonal MINI Service Checklist

The following is a look at the most important service items to have checked in your MINI vehicle each season:

  • Tires – You want to make sure your tire tread is in good shape for wet springs and slushy winters. In the winter, you may even want to opt for winter tires.
  • Windshield wiper blades – The winter can do a number on windshield wipers, as the ice and show can ruin the rubber. Replace wipers after the winter so they’re ready to do work in the rainy spring season.
  • Brakes – An occasional brakes check is a great idea, too, as rotors are the type of thing you’ll have to replace after so many thousand miles. Ignoring them could wear your breaks down to the rotors, which could mean a much more expensive fix.
  • Top Fluids – Whether it’s wiper fluid, brake fluid, or steering fluid, your vehicle needs to be properly lubricated to run properly. Your service techs can top off, flush, and/or replace any fluids that need it.

Scheduling Service for Your MINI Cooper

If your MINI Cooper model is in need of seasonal service, give us a call here at MINI of Bedford and we’ll get you set up for an appointment. These are quick, affordable appointments to keep MINI of Bedford customers driving their vehicles at peak shape, no matter the weather and no matter the season.