April is National Car Care Month, which means now is a great time to give your automobile a little extra TLC as we gear up for the busiest driving season of the calendar year. Our MINI service department stays plenty busy every spring, but we also like to draw our customers’ collective attention to National Car Care Month to be sure they’re staying on top of their maintenance schedules.

What are some things Bedford MINI customers can do to celebrate of National Car Care Month? Let’s have a look at some possibilities!

4 Basic Maintenance Procedures for National Car Care Month

#1 Get an Oil Change

MINI recommends getting your oil changed every 4,000 to 6,000 miles (or every six months), so use this time to get this fast and affordable service done if you’re due for it.

#2 Inspect Belts and Hoses

Because belts and hoses are made from rubber, they can crack. Our maintenance department can give them a look and repair or replace any parts that need it.

#3 Check Fluids

From windshield wiper fluid to brake fluid to power steering fluid, your vehicle needs a lot of various lubricants and cleaners to function properly. Make sure they’re all in good shape and properly topped off.

#4 Check Tire Tread and Air Pressure

Make sure your tires are still in good shape and check your air pressure to make sure they’re filled with the proper PSI.

Service at MINI of Bedford

If you need any of these things done this month for National Car Care Month, contact us at MINI of Bedford so we can help you keep your MINI vehicle in top working condition all year long!