Every year, when the winter finally takes its last gasp and gives way to the warmer New England spring, MINI drivers get their hopes up for the sort of gorgeous weather that makes for fun and entertaining driving. However, because the winter can be so harsh on a vehicle, we do suggest upgrading a few MINI parts and having your vehicle serviced as the season changes. The following is a look at a few MINI parts upgrades you can make this spring at MINI of Bedford:

#1 Windshield Wipers

Winter weather is perhaps harder on windshield wipers than any other automotive part. Not only do they get extra use in cleaning away road salt and grime, but the rubber components can grow damaged as they are encased in ice multiple times. Spring is a great time to replace these in your MINI Cooper, and best of all, it’s one of the most affordable parts upgrades you can buy.

#2 Car Battery

Extreme cold temperatures can negatively impact your car battery, which means spring is a great time to have its efficiency checked. If it’s determined that you’re due for a new battery, it’s a smart idea to get it replaced before you start driving more often in the spring and summer.

#3 Tires

If you felt yourself slipping and sliding this past winter, it may be that your tread is wearing down, at which point you may need to consider investing in new tires. We have plenty from which to choose, all of which could improve performance and safety while driving.

Servicing Your MINI Vehicle at MINI of Bedford

If you’d like to have any of this service done this spring, take your vehicle to our friendly neighborhood MINI Cooper dealership serving Bedford, NH so our professionals can get you ready for the warmer driving season. Springtime means more driving, and we want to make sure your vehicle is properly prepped to do exactly that!