Driving a luxury car is often considered to be reserved for the wealthy, but MINI Cooper automaker is changing the game for everyone. We here at MINI of Bedford know how important a car is in our drivers’ everyday lives, which is why we are excited to tell you all about the excellent luxury features available to our Bedford area drivers, designed for drivers like you!

Of the many exciting luxury features included on many of our MINI cars, one of the most popular is the panoramic sunroof. Long considered a reserved luxury for the most expensive cars, panoramic sunroofs have begun to find themselves on a wide range of different cars, including the MINI line. Unlike traditional sunroofs, which became popular when they were first introduced, panoramic sunroofs are the natural evolution from their predecessor, offering a broader, wider view on bright sunny days. Most panoramic sunroofs, or moonroofs as they are often referred to, also come with a built in shade option to ensure that they don’t detract from the driving experience. Now, drivers can find these incredibly exciting new sunroofs in MINI Cooper models for an affordable price!

In addition to sunroofs, MINI Cooper automaker’s iconic Clubman trim has quickly become a perfect example of luxury applied to affordability. Suited with leather interior, a wide range of engine and trim level options, and modern technology, cars such as the Clubman are becoming a staple in the MINI lineup for prices that were previously unheard of!

Interested? Stop by MINI of Bedford today and see these exciting new features for yourself! While you are here, be sure to explore our vast inventory of  pre-owned and new MINI cars such as the MINI Cooper S. Nashua, NH drivers will love its accessibility. We hope to see you soon!