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Today, we’re sharing all you need to know about how essential parts and systems work, so you can keep up with vehicle care, whether you drive a gasoline, hybrid, or electric vehicle.

Do Electric Vehicles Have Transmissions?

There are many good reasons to purchase an electric vehicle, like a reduced emissions output and big savings on fuel. You’ll also save on maintenance and care since electric vehicles have fewer parts and require less service.

One of the parts that differ from an internal combustion engine vehicle to an electric car is the transmission. In a gasoline-powered vehicle, the transmission is used to equally transfer power from the engine to the wheels. You’ll move through the gears of your transmission as the engine speed, or revolutions per minute, increases. The transmissions found in gasoline-powered cars are known as multi-speed transmissions.

But what about electric vehicles? Do they have transmissions? The answer is a little complicated. That’s because electric vehicles have a set motor speed which doesn’t increase or decrease while driving. Your vehicle won’t have to move between gears to distribute energy because it’s always operating at top capacity.

To that end, electric vehicles have what is known as a single-speed transmission. It still works to send power to the wheels, but doesn’t transfer through the gears, the way it does in gasoline-powered cars. Single-speed transmissions require less service and allow your vehicle to drive as efficiently as possible.

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