For many motorists in the Exeter, NH area, summer means that it’s road trip season. Whether you’re taking a trip into Boston or driving up to the White Mountains for some hiking, you’re likely going to want to save money on fuel. Fuel prices are higher than normal this summer, and you’re probably looking for ways to make fewer visits to the gas station in your new 2019 MINI Cooper Countryman. Our expert mechanics are happy to give you a few fuel-saving tips that will help you this summer and beyond.

Make fewer trips

When you drive a car that has been parked for a few hours, the engine is cold and it uses much more fuel for the first five or so miles. Because of this fact, you can save more fuel by combining all your errands for the day into one long trip.

Close the windows and sunroof

While it may be tempting to drive with the windows and sunroof open in this beautiful weather, doing so can hurt your fuel economy, especially when driving at highway speeds. Driving with the windows and sunroof closed increases aerodynamics, using less fuel.

Accelerate smoothly

We know that it’s tempting to jam on the accelerator when you first hit the highway or get a green light, but doing so hurts your fuel economy. The ideal way to travel is at a constant speed (around 50 miles per hour is the sweet spot) and in the highest gear, assuming you’re driving a manual new MINI vehicle.

For more tips on how to save fuel in your MINI car, stop by MINI of Bedford today to talk to a friendly dealer.