An electric car doesn’t require an ounce of gasoline, but that means that it will eventually need to be plugged in to recharge with the electric power that it needs to function. We’ve just added an electric MINI car, the 2022 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop, to the MINI of Bedford lineup and we’ve received some questions about it.

One of the most common questions is: How long does it take an electric MINI car to charge?

Charging a MINI Car

The simple answer to is, it varies. That’s because there are multiple levels of charging, which means that a certain type of charger could charge your 2022 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop dramatically faster.

First, there’s level one charging. This is basic charging from an AC plug in your home. This recharges around two percent of your car battery per hour. Level two charging can restore 20% of the battery per hour. This requires a specialized home charging setup or a stop at a public AC charging station.

Finally, there’s level three charging, fast DC charging. These are special stations that can restore up to 80% of your car’s battery in just 36 minutes! These are a necessity on road trips.

Fortunately, there are more than 38,000 chargers on the road today, and the network is always growing larger and adding more fast chargers. If you were worried that an electric vehicle would limit where and when you could drive, this MINI car should prove that notion wrong.

Test Drive this Electric MINI Car Today!

If you’re looking for a greener car that still offers a fun driving experience, we can help. Talk to our MINI dealers in Bedford and ask about the 2022 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop. We’ll answer any questions that you have about this unique electric model!