Toward the end of the year, we can all feel magic in the air. Unfortunately, that magical air can sometimes be very cold, accompanied by elements such as snow, and ice. Which is exactly why you should hurry into MINI of Bedford to take care of all your parts needs before you hit the road this holiday season.

Right now at your local MINI service center, we are offering a dynamite deal on parts, where you create your own discount! When you service your MINI in Bedford, NH, our December parts special allows you to save no matter how much you spend.

Purchases between $1 and $50 allow for a savings of ten percent on the total price, and it only starts there. When you spend between $51 and $150, those savings get bumped up to fifteen percent, and finally—when you spend $151 or more, you can save a whopping twenty percent on ANY parts purchase! Don’t drive using questionable parts in the harshest weather conditions the year has to offer. Ensure you find December’s magic, and enjoy it on the road with fresh parts from MINI of Bedford.

Your trusted MINI parts specialists are here and ready to go whenever you wish to come in and see us. Located at 209 South River Road, you’ll need to hurry here, as this deal is only valid until January 2nd! Of course, we can’t wait to help make sure your winter travel plans roll along as smooth as fresh powder on the slopes. Happy holidays from MINI of Bedford!