With their spirited performance and head-turning style, there’s so much to love about a MINI vehicle. While they may seem impossible to improve upon, there is a multitude of MINI Cooper accessories at MINI of Bedford that can help make your vehicle a true extension of your personality.

Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Naturally, MINI vehicles are already a standout on every street. If you want to make your vehicle even more striking and unique, consider adding your own wheels or wheel accessories. There are a variety of styles, colors, and sizes available, so you can make your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind.

Options for the Boot

There are lots of options to customize your cargo space to help keep everything organized and secure, as well as protect the space.

These are a few of the options available:

  • MINI All-Weather Luggage Compartment Mat
  • MINI Grocery Bag Holder
  • Protective Boot Space Cover
  • MINI Luggage Compartment Tray

MINI Picnic Bench

This is the perfect accessory to add as spring approaches. The MINI picnic bench is stored under the loading area and can easily be unfolded when you want to use it. With it, the edge of your cargo space is transformed into a cozy seat.

Rack Systems

With the weather warming up, it’s also a good time to consider adding attachments to your car to help you carry your biggest toys or extra cargo on your next getaway. 

Cargo attachment options include:

  • MINI touring bike holder
  • MINI racing bike holder
  • MINI roof box
  • MINI luggage rack

Ordering MINI Cooper Accessories

We try to make ordering MINI Cooper accessories as easy as possible. You can conveniently order online anytime or stop by and see us at MINI of Bedford to go over your options with our team. Let’s get started today!