When it comes to MINI parts and accessories, you can’t go wrong with our selection here at MINI of Bedford. We’re not only here to supply reliable MINI parts and accessories for repairs and upgrades; we also want to share helpful tips and tricks that will help you care for your vehicle between appointments.

Here’s what you’ll want to know about protecting your MINI brakes for many years to come.  

Making Sure Your Brakes Stay Healthy

There are many benefits to routine car service at a certified dealership, but you can also do your part to protect your brakes right at home. For example, you can:  

  • Drive cautiously. If you notice your brakes are wearing down quickly, consider what kind of driving you’re doing. City driving requires more braking than highway driving, so try car-pooling or ridesharing when you can. You’ll also want to avoid the type of driving habits that wear down your brakes, like quick accelerations or sharp stops.  
  • Reduce heavy hauling. MINI vehicles are more than capable of hauling heavy loads, but it’s a good idea to unload heavy cargo when you can. The heavier your vehicle is, the quicker your brakes will wear down, so try to ease up when you can.  
  • Maximize the distance between you and other cars. When you maintain a two-car distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, it’s easier to come to a slow, coasting stop. You won’t have to worry about stopping abruptly and wearing down your brakes.  
  • Schedule regular service. The best way to keep your brakes in tip-top shape is with routine MINI service. Our team can inspect your brakes and repair or replace any parts if necessary. This will keep your brakes running right well into the future.   

Learn more about brake support and schedule a MINI service appointment at MINI of Bedford today.