While there are several reasons a driver in Bedford, NH may fall in love with the 2021 MINI Countryman, it also is important to consider safety features any time one is buying a new car. This particular MINI vehicle, while stylish, customizable, and fun-to-drive, also does a great job taking care of its passengers on a day-to-day basis.

There are a handful of important modern safety features that make the 2021 MINI Countryman notable in the arena of safety. These include:

Forward-Collision Warning

Standard on every 2021 MINI Countryman model is forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. That means the vehicle can determine when a frontal collision is imminent and make necessary adjustments to avoid a nasty accident.

Adaptive Cruise Control

In Drivers’ Education classes, we are always taught to maintain a safe following distance, but any self-aware driver will admit that they’ve followed vehicles a little too closely at one time or another. To avoid this, MINI offers optional adaptive cruise control, which uses radar to be sure the vehicle remains a safe distance behind any vehicle ahead, minimizing the potential for collisions.

Self-Parking Assistance

Almost nobody enjoys parallel parking, in large part because they’re often afraid of bumping into the vehicles between which they are trying to fit their MINI automobile. But Bedford MINI drivers can park almost anywhere with optional self-parking assistance, which makes parallel parking easier and lowers the chance of any fender-benders.

Testing 2021 MINI Countryman Safety Features

If you’d like to have a closer look at these safety features in person, come pay us a visit here at MINI of Bedford so we can get you behind the wheel for a test drive. We think you’ll find that the safety features are strong, and when combined all the other advantages of a MINI vehicle, will be exactly the sort of new car purchase that our customers will enjoy.