When you buy a new car from MINI of Bedford, you can be confident that the vehicle is up for just about anything. A model like the 2020 MINI Cooper Clubman is ready to tackle tough terrain or guide you on your next big road trip, and it’s ready to handle tricky city driving situations as well. Here’s how your new MINI car can help you navigate city streets.

2020 MINI Cooper Clubman City Driving Features

Power tailgate: If you’re driving through the city and running multiple errands, you want a car that makes life a little easier. The 2020 MINI Clubman offers features that do just that, including a power tailgate that opens for you so that you can load up with cargo and get back on your way. Take full advantage of convenient split-rear doors and a maximum 47.9 cubic feet of cargo room offered by this MINI vehicle.

MINI Active Driving Assistant: Congested city driving conditions can change in an instant. The MINI Active Driving Assistant combines forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking technology. It reacts to avoid an accident if you aren’t quick enough to stop the car yourself, keeping you safer on crowded city streets,

Touchscreen Navigation: Some of the new MINI car’s trim levels offer navigation. The 2020 MINI Clubman makes it easier to get to where you’re going, even if you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood you’re in.

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension: The 2020 MINI Clubman offers a smooth ride, even on uneven city streets or over potholes, thanks to its four-wheel independent suspension. This MINI car is ready for all types of terrain and will keep you riding comfortably even if you encounter rougher road conditions.

Test-Drive the New MINI Clubman

So visit our MINI dealers in Bedford, NH and experience the new MINI Cooper Clubman for yourself. We have 2020 and 2021 models here, ready to go out for a test drive!